The Church Within A Church Movement grows communities of love and justice, sharing power and deep connection, as we disrupt oppressive systems and work toward equity for all.

CWACM Agenda

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Disrupting Privilege

All oppression is connected – heterosexism, racism, sexism, genderism, colonialism, ableism and all other ways in which we separate ourselves from each other. Disrupting privilege begins with an awareness of the intersectionality of oppression and the misuse of power. The primary means of measuring power is centered in who is ...

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Justice Ministries

CWACM began as a resistance movement; one that challenged the status quo of traditional "church," which often excludes based on race, sexual orientation and gender identity. The Movement celebrates ministries and communities that embrace inclusivity, moving beyond walls and discrimination based on identity. We partner with ministries that address marginalization and ...

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Religious Violence

Religious violence is a phenomenon where Religion is either the subject or object of violent behavior. At the intersections, we recognize that many have been harmed by Church doctrine and polity. Ending Religious violence is a core value of the Movement. By focusing on awareness, education and actionable justice work ...

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Spectrum of Identities

In a world where binary thinking is normalized, the Movement intentionally celebrates a spectrum of identity. We teach, live and affirm gender expansiveness, naming ourselves and celebrating each other. As we work to disrupt oppressive binary attitudes, we educate ourselves around language while enlarging our understanding of identity.

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The Core of Thanksgiving

This year, I will gather with biological family members on November 23. Other years, I have gathered with friends, strangers, family, and no one at all.

As I celebrate this year, I will gather myself in a spirit of gratitude – not for white Europeans and Indigenous people picnicking together ...

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Transgender Day of Remembrance - Nov. 20

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017

CWACM continues to BE in solidarity with the Transgender and Gender Nonconforming (GNC) community: in outrage that institutional violence is continually directed at people who identify as Transgender and Gender Nonconforming; also in sorrow and mourning for lives shortened by the impact of marginalization, hate, and violence.

The website for ...

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Oppression at the Intersections of Race, Gender and Economics

On October 12-15, 2017, from around the country, Church Within A Church community and friends gathered in Chicago to “Imagine” a more just world. Our summit included a one day retreat for CWACM clergy, sponsored by the Extraordinary Ordination Work Area. We then opened the summit on Friday the 13 ...

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Welcome to CWACM

Voices From Our Community

Be the change

Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." By BEing with The Church Within A Church Movement, I am able to help co-create a new way of doing church that does not rely on systems of oppression.

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Terry Schwennesen

Living Justice

I support CWACM because we are living justice, building alliances, and confronting injustice, inequity and inhospitality. We will ordain two marvelous women in Tucson. I look forward to this time of celebration and justice!

Rev. Annie Britton

Palm Harbor, Florida

CWACM is home...

I support CWACM because they have provided me a place to be ALL of me. ALL of my identities are welcomed and accepted. I thank God for CWACM.

Anna DeShawn

Chicago, Illinois

CWACM helps me to...

CWACM helps me to be reminded daily of the seriousness of my call.

Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey


A justice movement offering extraordinary ordination, non-hierarchical community relationships, inspiration and activism alongside a Methodist heritage.

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